Classic Operation Game

Classic Operation Game

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Classic Operation Game is a game for kids with steady hands

TheClassic Operation Game is awesome fun . kids get to perform various organ removal operations on Cavity Sam - but be careful Cavity Sam doesn't like it when you touch the sides and will buzz you and his red nose will light up as a warning.

The Operation Game has been a favourite toy amongst kids for generations and still delivers hours of fun for kids and adults alike.

Features :

  • Cavity Sam is one sick dude . he has 13 ailments which you can cure by removing various parts of his body.
  • Remove Sam's body parts but don't touch the sides as you will get buzzed and lose your turn.
  • The player with the most body parts successfully removed without being buzzed will be crowned the winner.
  • TheClassic Operation Game includes game tweezers . 13 removable body parts . game board and full instructions
  • This game can be played solo (practice does make perfect) or with family and friends.

TheClassic Operation Game is awesome fun for the whole family.