Baby Born My First Swim Girl Doll 30cm
Baby Born My First Swim Girl Doll 30cm
Baby Born My First Swim Girl Doll 30cm

Baby Born My First Swim Girl Doll 30cm

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The Baby Born My First Swim Girl Doll 30cm is the perfectswimming buddy for your little one

Baby Born Dolls are popular with children worldwide . mimicking lifelike functions of a real baby the Baby Born range makes doll play more interactive and opens the door for imaginations to grow through pretend play.

My First Swim Girl stands at 30cm tall . making it perfect foryour child to hold easily onto when she's not swimming beside them in the pool. This innovative Baby Born doll was designed with a wind-up mechanism that enables her to accompany your child as they take their first dip in the pool or in the bath. Just let your child windthe doll's arms backward and watch as she swims front crawl then release to watch her make a beautiful butterfly stroke tohelp your child gain confidence in waterwhilst teaching them a few swimming lessons.

Features :

  • TheBaby BornMy First Swim Girl Doll measures 30cm in height and is designed for babies.
  • Designed with a wind-up mechanism to help the doll swim in actual water.
  • Wind her arms back to make her swim in a front crawl style.
  • Release her arms to watch herperformbutterfly strokes.
  • Perfect for baths . pools and holidays.
  • Roleplay has been shown to boost the imagination and develop social skills and values such as responsibility . communication .andempathy.
  • Batteries included.
  • Suitable for babies 12 months and older.

Give your child a boost in their confidence when it comes to water play when you let theBaby Born My First Swim Girl Doll 30cm swim along with them!